2020 Big Changes to Facebook

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Facebook and Instagram changed algorithms, ranking factors, and rules for business types in 2020 to improve the experience for their users. These impact your business and must be kept in mind as you build a Facebook organic (free) strategy.

A big take-away is that the number of your Facebook users able to see your free posts has declined. Organic reach is less than 2% today.

Today, a key step to driving new paying customers directly to your business will require Facebook and Instagram advertising. Even if you can only spend a dollar day.

Some key Facebook post changes are:

  1. Improved ability to sift out low-quality content. Make sure that your post is relevant, engages, inspires users so they want to share it. And, no click bait. (content to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a web page.) DON’T USE WORDS E.G. “Click here.”
  2. A 3-minute video post will signal a higher ranking. It is easier for the novice to self-create video on FB these days. Or, employ a video producer or agency for the project. Remember, a high-quality video also can be cut for a television spot, should you wish to employ tv advertising.
  3. Avoid posts pushing a purchase to buy with a call to action; entries to a promotion or giveaway; with links to outbound content on your website or blog.

If you would like additional help creating an optimal Facebook strategy, please reach out to us at KGM We will help you take control of these Facebook changes in 2020 to create campaigns that will build and emphasize your brand’s digital presence.