case study: integrated advertising for montauk

The Challenge

Our challenge was to boost awareness of brand Montauk and website to high-quality leads within a limited budget. Simultaneously, to refocus the brand’s image in a memorable way to three new audiences.

The Strategy

The strategy was to reach audiences across multiple online advertising channels using geographic-targeting, attribute-specific creative content and offers in a mix of video, display, and text formats.

We produced three videos with persuasive content for specific audiences for online advertising and television in 15-seconds to three minutes and mobile formats. We measured views and investment per impression versus other ad formats.  At the same time, we integrated advertising and organic channels over a nine-month period to optimize the brand’s budget.

Importantly, we coordinated with the brand’s webmaster to optimize the website for keywords, engaging content and video, and landing pages.

The Channels

  • Advertising Display – Facebook
  • Advertising Video- Facebook
  • Pay-Per-Click Search- Google
  • Cable Television Advertising
  • Online Newspaper Ad
  • Social Media Organic Reach – Facebook, Twitter
  • Public Relations Organic Reach– Travel media

The Creative & Content

  • This Is Montauk: Families, Outdoors, Culinary
  • Spring Rate Offer
  • Fall Rate Offer
  • Midweek Rate Offer

The Results

  • Visitors to the website increased 37% from one year to another.
  • Click-through Rates (CTR) for online banner ads were 1.8%-3.7%, beating the industry average of 1%.
  • CTR on E-Blast newsletter banner ads hits 5.6% compared to the channel’s own average of 2%.
  • In a 30- day test of PPC at the lowest budget allowable, ads achieved top Google Search page positions of 1.8 to 2.2
  • Video views were high and at a cost of $.01 per impression.

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